HB 5108 Committee Meeting Summary - Michigan Ticket Fairness

HB 5108 Committee Meeting Summary


House Bill 5108 came up for testimony yesterday before the House Committee on Criminal justice. Michigan Ticket Fairness supports this bill because it legalizes what we consider “normal” fan behavior: Selling extra tickets for the best price possible without forcing you to go online and pay fees.

Testifying in support of House Bill 5108 were Alan Smith and Kellie Dean. Michael Shpunt and Zach Burris were also there, but the committee ran out of time and had to adjourn.

Alan works with an Ohio-based think tank called R-Street. You can read his testimony here.

Kellie Dean, owner of Dean Trailways, testified in support as well. He talked about how his company sells ticket packages that include transportation and entertainment. He also told the committee members about his experience at a Lions game a few years ago.

At the last minute, his son could not attend with him. With two extra tickets in hand, he offered to sell to a father and son who were looking for last-minute tickets. In Detroit, it’s not only illegal to sell tickets above face value, it’s illegal period.

He was arrested shortly thereafter and missed half of the game. When he showed up to his court appearance, he sat next to a priest who was arrested for selling extra tickets that his church group did not need.

That’s what we’re trying to prevent.

The committee will resume next week to hear testimony from Michael Shpunt and Zach Burris – two vocal coalition members. Mike is from Michigan Citizen Action, a group that advocates for consumers. Zach is an MSU student and tigers fan who is sick of paying exorbitant fees to out-of-state companies in order to sell unused tickets.

Check back soon, we will keep you up to date!

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