About Michigan Ticket Fairness


Michigan Ticket Fairness is made up of consumers, businesses, property rights and free market advocates, and nonprofit organizations fighting for fair and honest policies in the sports and entertainment industry. We believe fans own the tickets they buy, can transfer them to whomever they wish and should be able to purchase their tickets in a fair and transparent market.   

Coalition Chair:

  • Linda Teeter, CEO, Michigan Citizen Action

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Internship Opportunities:

Michigan Ticket Fairness Field Coordinator

Michigan Ticket Fairness is a group of people fighting for fair and honest policies in the sports and entertainment industry. We are fighting against big ticket companies like TicketMaster that use their size to suppress competition and squeeze more money from consumers.

We help to tell the stories of fans who just want to enjoy their day or night out.

Job Description:

Field Coordinators will be in charge of signing up supporters on college campuses throughout Michigan. They will be given training, support and materials and will have input in the planning process.

The vision - but we're happy to hear your idea - is to have field teams on 3 campuses each week or weekend signing up students to take action against unfair ticket laws in Michigan. Those actions can be anything from emailing legislators to shooting video testimonials.

  • Pay: All intern positions are paid and can count for college credit.
  • Schedule: This position requires a minimum commitment of 10 hours per week, but 15-20 hours per week is preferred. As a college student, we know school is your #1 priority - we're happy to work around class schedules. Our internship duration follows your school's semester schedule. This is a one-semester internship that can be extended to two semesters upon mutual agreement of the intern and MTF.
  • Location: We are always accepting applications for any college students - if you're on a campus, let's talk.

Who We Look For

We look for people who have no problem talking and being in crowds. Much of your work will come with special events, including sporting events. Knowledge of sports is a plus! Here are some of the skills and interest areas that will help you get this position:
  1. Having strong speaking skills.
  2. Being organized and detail-oriented
  3. Digital/social media savvy: The more you know about digital media, the better!
  4. Being a self-starter:There is a TON of autonomy that goes with this position, but you're never more than a phone call away from help if you need it.

Learn the strategy behind grassroots advocacy - Join us!

To apply, send your resume and a short cover letter to Joe Manzella: jmanzella@truscottrossman.com. We look forward to hearing from you!

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