Batter Up! Ticket Fairness on Deck - Michigan Ticket Fairness

Batter Up! Ticket Fairness on Deck


Last week, the Michigan Ticket Fairness team visited the Michigan Senate with a special delivery – MTF mini bats!


The need: We wanted to send a message to the Senate that we mean business. It’s important that legislators understand that fan rights are not a game – and we think that the thousands of members in the Michigan Ticket Fairness coalition attest to that.

However, when sending something to legislators, we didn’t want to mail them a letter or drop off a pamphlet. No – we needed to knock one out of the park with this.

The plan: If someone randomly gives you a flyer, would you throw it away? Probably. But, if someone gave you a customized, wood-crafted baseball bat, would you throw that out? Doubt it.

That was the plan – give legislators a memento that will: A) stay out of the landfill and B): serve as a constant reminder that fans have rights, too.

Last year, as HB 5108 was charging through state government, MTF sent foam fingers to Senate offices. Today – nearly eight months later – many of those foam fingers remain in offices across Lansing. 

The execution: Take a look for yourself!


While legislative deliveries go a long way, nothing can convince a legislator to take action more than hearing from their constituents, and the best way to do that is to send a letter.

Even if you’ve already sent one in, let your legislator know that they can “bring us home” by supporting HB 4015.

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