Big win for fans yesterday - Michigan Ticket Fairness

Big win for fans yesterday


Yesterday, in an unanimous vote, the FCC did away with a nearly 40-year-old rule that provided governmental protection of local NFL blackouts if teams were unable to sell out tickets to games. 

Empty stadiums are long a thing of the past for the NFL and the FCC rule is a win for all fans. While the NFL could still enforce blackouts due to certain broadcast deals, the government now is no longer involved in enforcing sports blackouts in any way.

The FCC vote struck down a rule that hurts fans’ rights at home. We want to achieve a similar win for the fans visiting the stadium. Just as fans are entitled to watch their favorite teams each week on television, they should be allowed to purchase tickets to games and do with them as they please. If a fan buys a ticket, they should own that ticket.

Just as the NFL fought for years to protect the FCC government regulation that provided them with an extra level of power over fans, big ticket companies like Ticketmaster and Stubhub will continue to use unfair ticket practices like paperless ticketing in order to restrict fans’ use of their tickets and to help carry over their monopoly power into the secondary market.

The NFL’s blackout rule had been around since 1975 and without political pressure, would still be intact today. We need to put pressure on our legislators to restore the free market to ticketing.

Contact your legislators today to let them know you support an open and free market for tickets!

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