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Consumer Alert: Eric Church in Grand Rapids


Country music fans across Michigan will be headed to Van Andel Arena in Grand Rapids tomorrow night to see country music star Eric Church perform live.

But buyer beware: if your seat is a floor seat or in one of the select lower bowl sections, you are the owner of a non-transferable paperless ticket that is tied to your credit card.

What is paperless ticketing?

Paperless ticketing means you won’t receive a physical ticket until you reach the gate and provide your photo ID and credit card used to purchase the tickets. No longer would you be able to purchase tickets as a gift for a friend or family member; unless of course you want to accompany them to the venue, swipe your card to get them in and then head back home. And even that is not a possible option at certain venues, like Van Andel Arena for tomorrow night's show. 

In addition to this, paperless tickets are almost always non-transferable. Tomorrow night's Eric Church paperless tickets are non-transferable.  If something comes up the day of the event that prevents you from going, you won’t be able to quickly sell your tickets to recoup some of your money. In fact, you could not even give the tickets away so that a friend could at least enjoy the show in your place. 

Many consumer groups oppose paperless ticketing, saying it 'leaves the consumer worse off than being able to hold a traditional ticket." An economist at University of Michigan-Flint called the previous use of paperless tickets at an Eric Church concert "anti-consumer, anti-fan."

Stand up for fans' rights by joining Michigan Ticket Fairness today to fight back against the big ticket companies! 

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