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Dennis Lennox: Ticket Law Criminalizes What Normal People Do


Dennis Lennox, a columnist for The Morning Sun, recently published a column in support of HB 5108. The column, titled Ticket scalping law needs to go, addresses the many concerns surrounding Michigan’s 83-year-old ban on ticket resale above face value and discusses why it is outdated.

Among the reasons he lists is the state-sanctioned monopoly created by the law for companies such as Ticketmaster and Stubhub. Lennox argues that the government protects these major corporations and “criminalizes what normal people do.” In addition, he discusses that the government does not mandate the resale of other goods, like cars, and should not be interfering in the free market. And finally, he discusses the loss of property rights for citizens from the law. Buying and reselling goods is commonplace in the economy, and almost never requires government interference to this degree. As Lennox says in relation to other goods: “why does the government treat tickets differently?”

Contact your local legislators today to let them know that you agree with Lennox’s viewpoint and that the government should no longer be infringing on the free market. 

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