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Detroit: Best Sports City in the Nation


Despite the poor results by the Lions and Tigers this past weekend at home, downtown Detroit was abuzz with a fan excitement that showed why the city was recently selected as the nation’s “Best Sports City” in a Readers’ Choice contest conducted by USA Today.

Both the Tigers and Lions played in front of sellout crowds on Sunday. That marked the 27th straight sellout for Lions after selling out each home game for the past three seasons plus the first three games of this season. 

The Tigers ranked seventh in the majors this regular season with a total attendance of 2,917,209 for the summer.

Selling tickets above face value is illegal in Michigan – for everyone except the big ticket companies like Ticketmaster and StubHub. In the best sports city in the nation, it’s crazy to waste law enforcement resources prosecuting fans for buying and selling their own property like tickets.

HB 5108 will end the state-protected monopoly on ticket sales. This bill will take ticket resale out of the shadows and into the legal marketplace where it would be subject to Michigan’s consumer protection laws. Click here to contact your legislators in support of this important bill.

A free market for tickets would not only increase competition in the secondary ticket market, but would allow fans to recoup at least the full cost of their ticket should they decide, or be forced to miss to an event.

Let your legislators know that you support an open market for tickets in the nation’s best sports city and in Michigan as a whole by clicking here.

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