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Detroit Lions taking on their own fans?


During the Lions-Bills game this past Sunday (10/5), Detroit fan Mark Beslach shined a laser pointer a two Bills players’ eyes. Bills quarterback Kyle Orton and holder Colton Schmidt were targeted by Beslach, who is now banned from future Lions games. 

At Michigan Ticket Fairness, we believe that this act was completely unacceptable and agree that a punishment needed to be handed down. We do not, however, agree with the with the way Lions president Tom Lewand plans to prevent this from happening again.

Lewand says the Lions plan to start using paperless ticketing and other identification mechanisms in an effort to control who can and cannot enter Lions games. He also says that season ticket holders who sell a ticket to another fan are responsible for the actions of that fan. And, like the owner of the ticket Beslach used, season ticket holders can have their tickets revoked if the secondary owner misbehaves!

What Lewand is actually saying is much more overreaching. It is clear that the Detroit Lions franchise is attempting to limit fans’ abilities to sell tickets in the secondary ticket market. Lewand, along with the Lions’ front office, views a ticket as a contract that they can revoke at any time if they choose.

That’s ridiculous.

When a fan purchases a ticket to a game, that ticket becomes their property. It’s not a contract, or a license, or any other term greedy owners use to try and justify obstructing fans’ property rights. Tickets belong to the fan, who should be able to do whatever they want with them.

The Detroit Lions’ incorporation of restricted ticketing will only hurt loyal fans, but owners will continue to make their money off of hard-working fans who just want to support their team.

Join Michigan Ticket Fairness today, and stand up to big ticket companies and greedy team owners!


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