Detroit Sports Teams Enforcing Hidden Price Floors on Ticket Resale Sites - Michigan Ticket Fairness

Detroit Sports Teams Enforcing Hidden Price Floors on Ticket Resale Sites


Detroit sports fans looking to buy affordable tickets as Christmas gifts on the secondary market may be surprised to learn that the NHL, NFL and NBA’s official ticket resale sites, Ticketmaster’s TicketExchange, all block fans from buying tickets below a set price. Worse yet, the original ticket purchasers are given little to no information about the price floor when purchasing their tickets.

“Nothing is more consumer and fan-friendly than the availability of affordable tickets to see your favorite team,” said Linda Teeter, executive director of Michigan Citizen Action and co-chair of the Michigan Ticket Fairness Coalition. “The secondary ticket market has proven to be a great way for sports fans to purchase affordable tickets, but unfortunately teams like the Red Wings and Lions put price floors on their official TicketExchange to prevent fans from buying discount tickets when full-priced tickets may still be available at the box office.”

For the Mar. 14 Red Wings game against the Edmonton Oilers, tickets in section 218B of the Joe Louis Arena must be listed for $27.00 or above. When ticket holders try to resell tickets below the specified price – $25.00, for example – they are met with an error message reiterating the artificially inflated minimum price.

There is no notification to fans buying tickets that there is a price floor.  The TicketExchange FAQ only informs fans that teams reserve the right to set a minimum listing price.

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