Fans Overwhelmingly Support Ticket Fairness - Michigan Ticket Fairness

Fans Overwhelmingly Support Ticket Fairness


This week, Michigan Capitol Confidential published a piece that put the spotlight on the fight for ticket fairness. After posting to social media, the CapCon piece saw numerous sports and entertainment fans weigh in with their support.

Let's take a minute to break down what they said.

Below are actual comments from the Capitol Confidential Facebook post. As you can see, many fans are fed up with the government needlessly regulating the secondary ticket market.


Jennifer and William could not be more correct here. Really, whose business IS it if someone wants to pay more for a ticket? Clearly, if two consenting parties agree to a price, then it is a voluntary transaction. A key aspect of a voluntary transaction is that the buyer values a good or service at a price where the seller also recognizes the same value.

Why does the government need to regulate normal consumer behavior?


Pete is right! Unnecessary government regulation wastes time and money. On top of that, Michigan's current anti-scalping law is selectively enforced (at best) as it stands.


This is a commonly held sentiment on this issue. Unfortunately, Brett, it is absolutely necessary to change Michigan's anti-scalping measure - even though it is rarely enforced.

While it is currently overlooked, it is entirely possible that a new Governor or Attorney General could come around and want to do things by the book. If this were to happen, Michiganders would be facing fines and jail time. What's even more alarming is that very few people actually know it is illegal to resell a ticket over face value.


William brings up an important, but unfounded point.

Pretty much the only people who oppose ticket fairness and HB 4015 are those who stand to lose money. (Looking at you, Ticketmaster, Broadway and universities.)

Obviously, ticket fairness is something that nearly everyone can get behind, and without greedy private interests it could probably be accomplished in an hour. Unfortunately, those who stand to lose money have lots of it.

The opposition has crafted an elaborate conspiracy theory that HB 4015 would open the door for large, commercial scalping operations to set up shop and gouge hard working fans.

This couldn't be further from the truth. 

In fact, HB 4015 passed the house with an amendment that address the online "bot" scalping issue. But the most important thing to realize is that under HB 4015, fraud would still be fraud. This legislation does not promote large-scale operations and the free market forces of supply and demand will ensure that they do not survive.

It's pretty clear that fans want fairness. The Michigan Senate has a chance to rid the secondary ticket market of unnecessary regulation. Take a minute to send a letter to them, asking them to do just that.

In the meantime, take a look at some of the other comments from Facebook. The full post can be viewed HERE.





We don't know, Victor. We hear you.

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