Fourth Quarter for Fairness - Michigan Ticket Fairness

Fourth Quarter for Fairness


It’s the most wonderful time of the year yet again. The time of year when the hot days of summer give way to the cool days of fall, full of Tigers baseball and Detroit Lions football.

Lions preseason games have football fans more excited than ever for the regular season and the Tigers are in the home stretch of the season. Similarly, as the summer winds down, our Michigan legislature is in the final stretch of their season as well.

After a quick half time reprieve, Michigan delegates are back in session to close out the year – hopefully  with a win. But, there is one major obstacle that must be overcome before they secure that W. For football, baseball - all sports fans, purchasing tickets for their favorite sporting event is all a part of a great experience, but what happens when your event has to take a back seat to everyday life and you aren’t able to go. What do you do?

If you were a big ticket company like TicketMaster, you could sell the ticket that YOU bought with YOUR money for a price of YOUR choosing. Unfortunately, that is a courtesy only granted to big ticket companies. Sure seems like an act of common sense that should be afforded to EVERY event ticketholder in Michigan, but because of unfair ticketing laws in Michigan, it’s not.

Opening up the ticket market and loosening the grip that TicketMaster has would give eventgoers the chance to at least break on the sale of their own property instead of forcing them to choose between taking a loss, or even missing their event completely and having the ticket going to waste.

Let our Michigan legislature know that you support a ticket market where fairness and equality dictate the market – not large companies who don’t care about the consumer. The Michigan Legislature has had their rest …  let’s bring fair ticketing practices to Michigan fans and close out this fourth quarter with a win. 

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