Bill Update: Ticket Issue Reintroduced as HB 4015 - Michigan Ticket Fairness

Bill Update: Ticket Issue Reintroduced as HB 4015


Despite passing the House with bipartisan support last year, HB 5108 never went to a vote in the Senate and the bill died with the end of the legislative session. That left Michigan citizens unable to legally participate in an open secondary market while allowing large ticket conglomerates to continue to benefit from a state-protected monopoly on resale.

HB 5108 would have replaced an antiquated 1931 law that prevents Michiganders from reselling an event ticket - to a sports’ contest, concert, or other form of entertainment - above its face value without express permission from the venue. The face-value price of tickets does not include the additional fees tacked on by sellers such as Ticketmaster.

On January 15, Rep. Tim Kelly reintroduced the issue and the push for an open and fair secondary market as HB 4015.

Passage of the bill would bring Michigan in line with the majority of the country and return resale rights to citizens which are currently only enjoyed by major corporations like Stubhub and Ticketmaster. 

Michigan Ticket Fairness is excited to again see the issue picked up in the legislature and looks forward to working with our lawmakers to modernize Michigan’s ticket laws.

Unfair ticket practices affect everyone - fans, businesses and nonprofits. Contact your local legislator to show your support for HB 4015 and let them know that it is time to get this right. 

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