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When does the home-ice advantage go too far?


The Tampa Bay Lightning have taken the issue of having “home-ice” very seriously during the 2015 Stanley Cup Playoffs. 

Much like the first round of the playoffs, the Lightning front office put some pretty “iffy” restrictions on ticket sales for home games at Amalie Arena in Tampa. During their series against the Red Wings, home game ticket sales were restricted to Florida addresses in an effort to pack the area with the “bolts” logo – before ultimately squeaking by in a Game 7 victory over the Wings.

Now in the Stanley Cup Finals against the Chicago Blackhawks, the Lighting took their restrictions one step further; restricting ticket sales to Florida residents AND restricting opposing logos in certain areas of the arena.

At Michigan Ticket Fairness all we can say is: are you serious?

Home-ice certainly has its advantages, and there’s no doubt that packing the venue full of home team fans provides an extra boost (just take the “12th man” at Seattle Seahawks games), but when does that go too far? When is the front office robbing the sport of its integrity in an effort to help their own guys?

If fans across the country don’t take a stand, what kind of things will we see next? Owners and leagues have already proved that they’ll do anything and everything they need to do to succeed and line their pockets at the same time – and they’ll continue to see how far they can go if fans don’t stand up for themselves.

Contact your lawmaker today to stand up for YOUR rights.

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