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It happened to U2?


For most music fans, U2 is a name that needs no introduction, so it’s no surprise that when fans heard that the world famous group was coming home to Dublin, Ireland they jumped on the chance to purchase tickets as soon as they went on sale. What fans didn’t know, however, was that if they bought those tickets using Bank of Ireland Visa cards, they were going to go through a lot more than just clicking the “purchase” button on their phones. 

Bank of Ireland is currently in the process of replacing thousands of customers’ credit cards  and instructing them to destroy their original card once the replacement arrives. Seems pretty typical. Unfortunately, U2’s upcoming concert features restricted ticketing, which means that fans must present the same credit card they used to purchase the tickets at the gate.

Uh oh – those are the same credit cards they were instructed to destroy!

So, fans either have to hold on to their old credit cards until the concert in two months, or hope Ticketmaster customer service can resolve the problem in case they have already destroyed their cards.

Ticketmaster has shown us – repeatedly – that they don’t care about the fans that purchase their tickets. Whether it’s the regulations that prevent us from selling or giving away our tickets, or restrictions like this that make attending a concert or a sporting event like trying to get access to a bank vault.

Ticketmaster has been implementing these practices all over the world in the name of “customer service” but the fact is, these policies are more of a hindrance and a burden on fans than a source of assistance. Don’t let big ticket companies like Ticketmaster run you over without your voice being heard. Tell our Michigan legislature just how you feel about unfair ticketing practices:

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Ticketmaster sucks.
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