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For ticket companies, the world is not enough


Recently, Paste magazine published a satirical account of strict venue rules and the absurd price of attending a sporting or concert event. The piece joked about how much a bottle of water costs at a concert, the motives behind venue employees and painstakingly details what a fan could get for the $12 they’re forced to spend on bottled water.

But, we all know the saying, “there’s a grain of truth in every joke.”

Unfortunately in this case – there’s a little bit more than a grain of truth – more like an entire field of grain.

While the Paste piece is pretty humorous, it does an excellent job of highlighting how Live Nation and big ticket companies have completely monopolized the sports and entertainment industries.

Ironically, ticket behemoth Live Nation has roots in competition with Ticketmaster. A child of Ticketmaster nemesis, Clear Channel, Live Nation saw the potential revenue in controlling all aspects of the sports and entertainment industry and set up shop. 

Live Nation eventually purchased Ticketmaster in a merger that sealed the fate of fans across the world. Smaller ticket companies still exist, but none stand a chance against goliath Live Nation, meaning that fans have next to no other options for their event ticket needs.

What fans may not realize, however, is that Live Nation will stop at nothing to increase their reach.

After all, reach = revenue.

If fans do not fight back, we’ll be stuck in a world of convenience fees for print-at-home tickets and a whole other host of ludicrous charges.

Tell your lawmaker to support HB 4015 HERE.

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