Modernize Michigan’s Ticket Laws

Modernize Michigan’s Ticket Laws

Michigan fans are getting burned by large ticket companies, and it has to stop. You can put a stop to it by helping us pass HB 4015.

Right now, if you try to re-sell your sports or entertainment ticket above face value, you are a criminal under state law. Even if you just want to sell your unused tickets and try to recover the full cost – face value plus the 20 to 30 percent added in taxes and “convenience fees” – sorry, that’s illegal.

We’re one of only a handful of states that criminalize the normal consumer behavior of reselling unused event tickets. When you think about it, the only other things in Michigan that are illegal to resell are prescription medication and airline tickets - for reasons like public health and national security.

Who’s fighting to keep our outdated, unfair 80-year old law on the books? Large corporations like Live Nation and Ticketmaster who benefit from the crony-capitalism of a government-protected monopoly by forcing fans to pay fees just to have the right to resell the tickets they already own.

House Bill 4015 modernizes Michigan’s ticket law by doing two things: 

1)    It gives fans the freedom to buy and sell tickets on an open market and consumer-protected market.

2)    It BANS the use of software bots used by scalpers to buy up large blocks of event tickets before real fans have a chance to get them.

The bill passed the House with bipartisan support and is awaiting action in the Senate. 

Here’s How You Can Help Pass HB 4015 Today:

The bill expires on New Year's eve of this year. Our last chance to pass this bill comes during the "Lame Duck" period between the election, Nov 8th, and the last day of session in mid-December.

It’s up to fans to make sure our lawmakers stand up to corporate interests and do the right thing!

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