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NFL's Paperless, Restricted Tickets Enrage Fans


No matter how much our favorite sports have changed and evolved over the years, die-hard fans are an entity that has stood the test of time. No matter how well a team plays – rain, shine, sleet or snow – a die-hard fan will always be there to cheer their team on, that is, unless Ticketmaster gets in the way.

Without considering the cost to fans, the San Francisco 49ers decided to stop issuing paper tickets and convert to a digital system. That didn’t seem like such a huge issue until the team informed ticket holders of a major change.

This year, 49ers season ticket holders won’t be able to print their tickets off or get paid for their sale until 72 hours before kickoff.

One season ticket holder whose family has owned their season tickets for more than 40 years has been donating his tickets to a charity auction for years. Ordinarily, he would just hand over the tickets, but now, due to new ticket regulations, he won’t be able to do so this year.

Another season ticket holder sold his digital tickets on StubHub back in July for the much anticipated rivalry game in October between the 49ers and the Seahawks, but because of the new 72-hour rules he won’t be able to receive his money until 3 days before the game.

One 49ers season ticket holder even filed a class action lawsuit against the team for violating antitrust laws by using paperless tickets to force ticket owners to resell them through Ticketmaster.

When a sports team puts a new ticketing system is put in place with the sole purpose of making the fans' lives easier, they should live up to those standards because NO FAN should have to jump through hoops to sell or give away THEIR OWN TICKET! Unfortunately the 49ers is just another organization in a trend of teams that have chosen to make life harder for fans.

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The unfortunate reality about trends is that they have a habit of affecting you unless you do something about it. Speak out and let your voice be heard. It’s time to say enough is enough and take back your personal property rights

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