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Governor Snyder calls for elimination of “outdated and redundant” laws


During Governor Rick Snyder’s special criminal justice message this week, he advocated for the elimination of “outdated and redundant” laws and crimes in addition to further reforms.

Let’s take a deeper dive into his statement, however. We’re willing to bet that Michigan fans can think of an “outdated” law – ahem, Michigan’s 1931 anti-scalping law perhaps?

And what about a current example of a “redundant” law? Surely Michigan doesn’t have any laws that overlap, right? Wrong.

Our state’s current anti-scalping measure tries to protect fans, but doesn’t do so any better than current consumer protection acts, and instead creates an ipso facto state-sanctioned monopoly for ticket companies.

There’s no reason that fans should ever be prosecuted for fetching a fair value for their sports and entertainment tickets. It’s a waste of law enforcement’s time and resources to enforce Michigan’s anti-scalping law – resources that could be used to go after real criminals – not Joe Schmoe who sold an extra ticket to a Tigers game. 

Governor Snyder, if you’re serious about cleaning up Michigan’s criminal justice system, start by supporting the passage of HB 4015.

READ Governor Snyder's complete message HERE.

WATCH the message HERE.

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