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Progress! HB 5108 would open up secondary ticket market


What is the Secondary Ticket Market, you ask? Any time you buy a ticket from a friend, a 3rd party website, as part of a group, or if you know a guy who knows a guy whose cousin has an extra ticket, you are participating in the secondary market. 

Rep. Tim Kelly introduced a bill (HB 5108) to deregulate the secondary ticket market and allow people to re-sell their own tickets at whatever value they choose. High-five, Tim.

This is important for more than just ticket re-sellers.

Consider this: You are an MSU student and your team is killing it in the Big Ten this year. You know that if you sell your MSU/UofM ticket to another student, you can pay for your entire season with a little extra left over for breakfast at Beggar's the next morning. Shouldn't you be able to do it?

We think so.

HB 5108 is a step toward making that legal. HB 5108 is also about competition. Opening up the secondary market means we can have a choice of who to buy our tickets from, giving ticket sellers another reason to care about customer service!

We'll keep you up to date about this legislation as it moves through the Michigan House. 


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