Red Wings season starts this week - Michigan Ticket Fairness

Red Wings' season starts this week


Hockeytown is ready to get going for 2014-15 as the Detroit Red Wings kick off their regular season schedule Thursday at home against the team that ousted them in last season’s playoffs, the Boston Bruins. 

For those diehard Wing Nuts who choose to purchase season tickets to the Joe, mobile or paperless ticketing is now an option. The “mobile option,” as the Wings call it, allows fans the ability to have their tickets solely on their smartphone which can be scanned at the event gate in place of a tangible ticket. 

Mobile ticketing is billed as a method to simplify ticketing for fans; however, it does more to serve Ticketmaster and their goal of extending their monopoly power into the secondary ticketing market.

It is easy to contact your local legislators here and tell them you support HB 5108 to help protect fans’ rights in the ticketing market.

Fans who receive a tangible paper ticket are free to do with the ticket as they wish: give it to a friend, sell to a coworker or list it for sale through any medium they choose.

Paperless – or “mobile” – tickets do not offer this same convenience. While season-ticket holders are able to transfer tickets to a friend, even as a gift the transfer can be subject to delivery fees.           

TicketExchange also enforces minimum price floors on tickets – ensuring no real free market exists for tickets resold through this site.

Here’s an example of how TicketExchange used artificial price floors to keep Red Wings ticket prices high last year:

For the Mar. 14 Red Wings game against the Edmonton Oilers, tickets in section 218B of the Joe Louis Arena must be listed for $27.00 or above. When ticket holders try to resell tickets below the specified price – $25.00, for example – they are met with an error message reiterating the artificially inflated minimum price.

Big ticket companies should not be charging you a fee to give your tickets away to a friend. Contact your legislators today and let them know you stand for a free, open market for tickets in Michigan.

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