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Restore the free market to ticketing


Michigan is the kind of place where there is so much to do every weekend, it is nice to keep your options open. This fall, you can head up north to check out the colors, attend a Lions or Tigers game, or check out a great band coming into town.  Many of us are too busy to commit to anything ahead of time, so we choose how we will spend our weekends at the last minute. 

Leaving your plans up in the air might seem like a reasonable approach, but you run the risk of event tickets selling out. On the other hand, there are folks that buy tickets in advance, but things come up and they are no longer able to attend. House Bill 5108 will make Michigan more fan-friendly by eliminating the 1931 law that doesn’t allow you to resell tickets that you rightfully own. After all, it should be: “I bought it – I own it!”

It’s crazy that our state laws prohibit you from buying and selling a good on a free market – especially something used just for entertainment like tickets. 

House Bill 5108 will take market control away from big ticket companies and venues, and put it back in the hands of the consumers, where it belongs.  

We need your help to pass this important bill, though.

Will you sign the petition on today and ask your friends to do the same? 

Together, we can make Michigan more fan friendly and restore the free market to ticketing!

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