With Summer Concert Season Approaching, It's Time Lawmakers Restore Ticket Fairness - Michigan Ticket Fairness

Rolling Stones to Play Detroit, Prices on the Rise


The Rolling Stones Zip Code tour will be one of the hottest summer concert attractions when the band comes to play Comerica Park in Detroit on July 8. This could be the last opportunity for fans to see the band play live, but it certainly will not be a cheap visit.

The only remaining retail seats available are priced at $350 and $175. Plus, they carry “convenience” fees of  $34 and $23 respectively, in addition to a per-order fee, and shipping and processing fees.

After all of the fees are tacked on by tickets.com, the $350 ticket is actually more like $390.

Remember though, fans can only legally resell a ticket for face value, or below. In this case, that means the highest you could legally resell the ticket for is $350 – a more than 10 percent loss on the initial price paid.

Yet, while it is illegal for fans to resell above that level, there are upwards of 3,300 tickets currently available on StubHub listed at as high as $6,000. 

Why can retailers charge exorbitant prices complemented with additional fees, while Michiganders can face jail time for selling a ticket for $1 above face value to a neighbor?

An outdated law in Michigan provides a loophole for these major corporations to enter into exclusive agreements that grant them state-protected monopoly power.

So while we limit market participation of our everyday citizens, the law in Michigan allows out-of-state companies to make mammoth profits in largely unchallenged markets.

Tell your lawmaker to stand with fans and restore ticket fairness in Michigan.

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