Road funding? Check. It’s time for lawmakers to expand their horizons. - Michigan Ticket Fairness

Road funding? Check. It’s time for lawmakers to expand their horizons.


This past week, both the Michigan House of Representatives and Senate agreed on a colossal, albeit controversial, road-funding package. Read more about that here

Fortunately, however, the passing of a roads fix means that our state lawmakers can finally shift their attention to other things that matter – like how easy it is to go to jail in Michigan.

Of the 3000+ ways for a Michigan citizen to go to jail, why is simply reselling your sports or entertainment ticket one of them? That’s right up there with some of Michigan’s other outdated laws – like trespassing in a huckleberry marsh.

Legislators have even said that criminal justice reform is a priority for them, as has Governor Snyder.

Read (Governor Snyder calls for elimination of “outdated and redundant” laws) 

With the passage of a road-funding package, does this mean it’s finally the year that fans get ticket fairness?

We sure as heck hope so – but we need your help.

While Michigan Ticket Fairness continues to advocate in and around the state capitol, legislators need to hear from their constituents.

It’s simple to do – just send a quick letter from our online tool @

Even if you’ve sent one before, it never hurts to tell your senator that fans want fairness. 

With Michigan’s roads on the “road to recovery,” it’s time for lawmakers to do their jobs and stick up for fans.

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