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The "Big" Apple Announcement Got Us Thinking...


Apple's announcement of the Apple Watch got us thinking today. Apple makes products that you're free to buy and sell as you wish as part of a free market, and they come up with the most innovative products around. Our question: Why is it OK to use the free market for some goods, but not OK for event tickets?

Every year, an increasing number of big ticket companies, venues and concert promoters impose unfair, anti-consumer and anti-competitive ticket practices for live events in Michigan. They scalp their own tickets while using state laws and shady practices to limit how fans can transfer their own tickets - all to squeeze more money from fans.

That's why we started this organization.​ We want to see an END to Nontransferable Restricted Tickets, allowing you to sell your ticket, gift your ticket or give it away to charity. We want to make software “Bots” illegal. These bots are used by professional scalpers to automatically purchase large blocks of tickets from the online box office the second tickets go on sale, essentially cutting to the front of the line and sending fans to the back.

We also think venues need to start telling the truth about ticket sales. No more hidden fees, no more transfer fees, no more print-at-home fees. Be straight with us so we can enjoy the game.

If you're interested, join our cause and learn more about the current issue we're fighting for: HB 5108.

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