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The Facts about Ticket Price Floors


Price floors artificially raise prices, costing more money for fans who are growing tired of being nickel-and-dimed at every turn. Pro leagues and teams are doing everything they can to ensure that the days of cheap last-minute tickets are over. 

  • The TicketExchange sites for Detroit’s professional sports teams all block fans from buying and selling tickets below a certain price.
  • Price floors artificially inflate prices on the secondary market, decreasing fans’ spending power at nearby establishments before, during and after the games, as well as inside the venue.
  • Original ticket purchasers are given little to no information about the price floor when selling their tickets.
  • When purchasing tickets on the official TicketExchange site, fans are NOT warned of an arbitrary price floor.
  • Professional sports leagues encourage fans to use Ticketmaster’s TicketExchange as the official resale site for tickets. The site even uses the slogan “Sold by fans. Verified by Ticketmaster.”
  • While professional sports teams have set price floors on their official resale sites, Michigan law also prohibits ticket sales above face value. So if you want to sell your ticket and recoup the inconvenient "convenience" fees and other charges, you're out of luck... and a few bucks.

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