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Time to end state protections for corporate scalping monopolies


House Bill 5108 will end the prohibition preventing fans from selling their tickets without paying fees. The leagues, venues and teams opposing this bill are looking out for nothing more than their own bottom line. Their opposition is proof that loyalty to fans stops at the bank.

Every day, companies like TicketMaster and StubHub help fans in Michigan resell their tickets above face value. If fans were to leave out the middleman and sell person-to-person, they would be violating state law and could be sent to jail. That makes no sense. House Bill 5108 would repeal the corporate scalping protection law and allow ALL fans to resell tickets at prices determined by the market.

Venues across Michigan have taken to the airwaves in opposition of this bill, claiming it is bad for fans. In reality, they are working to defend the kickback deals negotiated with TicketMaster and StubHub. These deals guarantee venues a share of the fees that resale websites force you to pay just for the ability to resell your ticket.

That doesn't sound very fan-friendly.

In a recent MLive article, Dow Events Center's general manager Matt Blasy claims that scalping will hurt fans. This is an interesting position given that venues and leagues are some of the most prevalent scalpers. At last weekend’s Superbowl, less than 5% of tickets were available to fans. The rest were reserved for leagues, teams, credit card companies, and then immediately posted on ticket resale sites.

In addition to getting pulled over in rented Ferraris, pop star Justin Bieber is known for selling out concerts in less than 30 seconds. The reality is that most of the tickets are presold to ticket resale brokers or held back by the Biebs himself, who was found to be scalping his own tickets.

If you oppose the state-sponsored corporate monopoly on ticket resale, let your legislators know, and tell them to vote yes on HB 5108.

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if someone is stupid enough to pay a higher price for any ticket let him or her..The ball parks and concert place rip us off enough and ticket master shoud not get the very high prices they charge
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