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Tonight looks good on ... who?


For months, country music fans in Michigan have been waiting for this day to come. Tonight at 7:30 PM, Jason Aldean’s “Burn It Down” tour comes to DTE Energy Music Theatre along with featured artists Cole Swindell and Tyler Farr.

Unfortunately for many fans, tonight will be more disappointing than it should be – and not because of the show, but because the tickets they bought for the concert are restricted.

So good luck if you want to sell your ticket last-minute. The “non-transferable” red tape that Ticketmaster puts on your tickets will prevent you from doing so without going through their “authorized resale market” and paying another round of fees.

In fact, you can’t even GIVE your ticket away since they are electronic. And, if you purchased them using a credit card, like most people likely did, you’ll have to present that same credit card or a valid I.D. just to enter the venue.

Additionally, if you decide that you and your friends want to go to the concert in a group, cross your fingers and hope that none of your friends get stuck in traffic, can’t find parking or have to wait for that “special someone” to finish getting ready because NONE of you can enter the concert unless ALL of you are there at the same time. But it’ll be fine – it’s not like any of those things have a tendency to happen right before you go to a big event.

This doesn’t really sound like a system set up to help fans enjoy this concert, does it? Actually, it sounds more like those dreaded airport terminal trips where you have to get there 4 hours before the plane takes off because you’ll have to spend 2 hours just trying to get through airport security – but this isn’t a TSA policed flight, it’s the Jason Aldean concert that’s supposed to be enjoyed, not fretted over.

Unfortunately, as ridiculous as these restrictions are, Ticketmaster is getting away with highway robbery simply because event goers and sports fans haven’t been heard. Write your state senator and tell them you’re tired of the restrictions big ticket companies put on YOUR property. Tell them you want fair ticketing practices in Michigan.

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