UofM Economist: "Good economics: Repeal state ticket law" - Michigan Ticket Fairness

UofM Economist: "Good economics: Repeal state ticket law"


Hats off to U of M professor Mark Perry on his opinion column in the Detroit News. He writes that reselling tickets "describes what happens millions of times every day when Americans buy and sell homes, cars and stocks, or bid for baseball cards, old coins, or clothes on eBay."

Prof. Perry's article brings up an important point. Aside from dangerous substances and prescription drugs, there are few other instances where the government should regulate resale. Especially tickets to a sporting event. 

Which of these is not like the others?

There is no compelling national interest at stake, no calamities averted, no lives will be saved. In fact, the only thing being kept safe by this law are the profits of Big Ticket corporations as they squeeze every penny they can from consumers. They have succeeded in using legislation to ensure that they get a cut of anything spent on tickets, even if it doesn't involve them.

Introduced by Rep. Tim Kelly and cosponsored by a broad coalition of bipartisan legislators, HB 5108 is a step toward bringing fairness to the ticket market. Learn more about the bill by clicking here, and let your legislator know what you think by clicking here

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