Welcome to our New Website - Michigan Ticket Fairness

Welcome to our New Website


Are you tired of restrictive ticketing practices? Fed up with big companies that "take a slice" at every chance they get? So are we. That's why we started Michigan Ticket Fairness. 

Michigan Ticket Fairness is a broad coalition of consumers, businesses, free market advocates and nonprofit organizations fighting for fair and honest policies in the sports and entertainment industry. 

We are working with this coalition to push for common sense, market-based reforms because we believe that when you buy something, it's yours. 

We will use this website to spread the word about how you can get involved in making Michigan a better place to enjoy concerts, sporting events and other entertainment.

Some big ticket companies hide behind legislation to squeeze every penny from consumers. We think that's wrong. So do 35 other states in the US. It's time that Michigan join the ranks of states that oppose restrictive ticketing practices. It's time for Michigan Ticket Fairness.

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