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Why Fans Should Not Want Facebook to Start Selling Tickets


A recent Buzzfeed article – featuring commentary from a Facebook product manager – shed light on a very unnerving future for the sports and entertainment ticket industry. The Silicon Valley social network hinted that at some point in the future it might start selling concert tickets directly to fans.

Now, this doesn’t seem like too big of a deal, right? Everyone is already on Facebook all of the time, so why not handle purchases through the website, too? 

Well, if you’re a sports and entertainment fan, consider this: Facebook doesn’t have the rapport with artists and venues like Ticketmaster/Live Nation does. This means that Facebook likely won’t be able to box Ticketmaster out completely, leaving two companies wanting to get a cut of each transaction.

Ticketmaster, being the ruthless monopoly that it is, has proven time and time again that it will stop at nothing to get more money from fans – just look at “convenience fees” and “delivery charges” for print-at-home tickets.

But with Facebook? Not only would tickets almost surely be “paperless” aka restricted, but also what’s to stop Facebook from taking their own cut – maybe a “finder’s fee,” for example. 

At the end of the day, Facebook is a publicly held company and has to report to shareholders who only want money, and its potential partner Ticketmaster has similar aspirations, too. Why would fans want them further monopolizing the sports and entertainment ticket market?

They shouldn’t. 

So, fans, before you get excited about Facebook getting in your pants pockets, think about the consequences.

Read the full Buzzfeed story here.

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